Chained Selects Loading Slowly

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with the chained selects field loading extremely slowly? As in, five minutes or more? I’ve noticed this on my multi-page form with a chained select field with three fields. You select the first one with no problem, but then the next option will take forever to load. If you click to visit the next page, it will kick you back up the page with an error, and it will then have loaded. But then the problem repeats with the next drop down. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi Ruth. I have not heard of that issue, even with large data sets. How many options are in the CSV file you loaded?

Hi Chris! Thanks for your response. There are 155 options total. By options I mean rows.

I’ve not seen that issue. I’m using chain select with 5 drop downs and about 50 rows in in the csv: very responsive.

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. Support helped me figure this out- it was due to the Gravity Forms Access Manager Add-On plugin by Wisdm Labs. I ended up not needing this plugin so I was able to just get rid of it. Thanks!

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