Chained Select Conditional Notifications

Hey all,

I have a site using chained selects. I am trying to send an email to a different address if a user selects a certain country. I’ve already set it to conditional notification. But since it’s chained select, the values don’t appear when I choose that option in the notification screen. It’s just a blank dropdown. How can I specify what email to use when a user submits the form with a certain country?

Also, is there a location on the server where the CSV import is for chained selects? It was done before I took over the site and I have no idea what the CSV looks like for this site in the case I have to edit the options.

On you chained select field you should be able to click on the field drop-down and see the choices like this:

Yes, that is what I see. But I was wondering how to find the CSV that was imported previously. And how to get a value to use in a conditional notification.


So on the bottom notification field is that Choose Your State? Can you show a screen shot of the field like I did previously? As for where the values are kept I believe they would be in wp_gf_entry_meta

On the form field in the backend, it’s fine. I’ve also included what it looks like on the front end. I’m just trying to have it send to different email addresses based on country. But I can’t select anything in the conditional area on notifications.

I’ll check out wp_gf_entry_meta. Thanks.

So on your notifications dropdown for that chained select field do you see something like this? Where I see my field name that would require a manual condition. But also it shows the chain drop downs of year, make, and model along with their values.