Category Submission Problem (post creation)

I have a form that will select a parent category (dropdown field) and
child category (checkbox field). As you can see on the image provided i selected
Night Life as the parent category and EDM, Hip Hop is the child category.


I submitted the post, and the child category will not be in the exact parent category in the cpt post. As you can see in the image provided. It was under the Brunch parent category instead of the Night Life parent category


Can you tell me whats the cause of this? or am i missing something? Was it because i have the same child category?

Any idea how to fix/solve this matter?
I tried to use the slug value of the child category and it will create a new category instead based on the slug value

@chrishajer i dont know if this is a bug or a conflict. Hopefully this will have a fix in the next update

Any solution on this problem?

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