Capture info from a form... twice

Hi there,

I am wondering if I can use gravity forms to execute on this user experience:

  1. The user views our opt-in form. Name, phone number, email is captured and sent via Zapier to our CRM as a lead.

  2. Page two of the form pops up, asking more sensitive info (this is for pre-qualifying for a US mortgage)

  3. The second part of the form has the name, email, and phone number pre-populated from part 1

  4. Additional info is requested, that the lead fills out.

  5. All of the info captured in part two is sent to our preferred lender but NOT saved or captured by us.

Is this possible? If so, how and will I need any other tools to get this done?

For item #5, when using Gravity Forms, at a minimum you’d need to capture the information temporarily so it can be passed to the lender using the appropriate method (email, Zapier, Webhook etc). Once the submission process is complete you can look at automatically deleting that information from you system.

If you never want this data to touch your web server, consider redirecting the user to an appropriate form hosted by the lender (if they have one).

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