Cannot Capture WBRAID parameter in hidden field


I’ll start off by saying I know how to capture a URL parameter in a hidden field. It’s easy. You set it to “Allow field to be captured dynamically,” enter the parameter name, and it works like a charm.

I have a form where I am trying to capture 3 parameters in hidden fields. I am trying to capture:

gclid (Google Ads unique identifier, if it exists)
affid (affiliate ID from email marketing campaigns, if it exists)
wbraid (this is iOS’s alternate to gclid cuz of their recent privacy stuff, if it exists)

If I go to my site and manually add fake parameters on there, like:

And fill out a form, it works perfectly. All three are captured in my hidden fields. But when real visitors come to the site from ads, it will NOT capture the wbraid, no matter what I do!

And I can see in HubSpot that the people filled out the form on the page containing the wbraid parameter. (I know parameters drop off when you visit additional pages, so that is not the issue. I know for SURE the parameter is present in the URL when they fill out the form.) And again, the most baffling thing is it always works for my fake test submissions, but not with real people in the wild.

The only thing I can think of is that there is something in a real wbraid parameter that makes it invalid or unable to be captured. I thought maybe it was the length (it is a long string of gibberish like 112 characters long). My research seems to suggest 255 is the limit, so I don’t think that is it. I thought maybe it was restricted characters, like symbols or other non-alphanumeric characters, but I cannot find any character in any wbraid that I am not succesfully capturing in another field.

I still just think it is something that is making it fail validation somehow, so I thought your devs might know if there are any restructions. Here is are some actual wbraids for reference:




I just thought of something. Maybe that first character after the C on all of them is a vertical pipe, and not a lowercase L? Could that be a restricted character? I’m lost!

Thanks for hearing me out!

It’s working for me on a test site using that parameter name and value:

Try it out here:

If that is not working in your environment, it could be caching on the server, or the server is stripping out specific query string parameters. If you can test this on another server (a different host), I recommend doing that. And if it works (as it does here), don’t hesitate to get in touch with your hosting support to see what the issue might be. Thank you.

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