Issue Capturing Embed URL with Parameters

I have a form that has multiple hidden fields. One of those fields is an embed_url, which is not always capturing the URL parameters properly. This happens at random and I haven’t been able to put my finger on what could be causing this.

In the editor, I have the hidden field set with the {embed_url} parameter. Shouldn’t this field always capture the entire URL?

The form does not get redirected or anything like that. If I click my client’s google ad with the UTM values, sometimes the URL is saved correctly and other times it is not. I’m looking for ideas on what could cause the embed_url to not be recorded properly. It always saves at least the base URL for the page, but not always the parameters.

The embed URL is the URL of the page where the form is embedded, not the URL that was used to load the page. If there are query string parameters, you would not use the embed URL, but would instead populate some fields dynamically using this method:

Specifically this section of the page:

But that whole page is relevant.

To elaborate more, I do have hidden fields that are being dynamically populated from the query vars. When the embed url doesn’t get stored with the UTM values, the fields are also not being populated.

Here is an example of how I have them set.

I recommend opening a support ticket for the issue.

If the utm_source query string var is present in the URL, it will populate that field in your form.

All the hidden fields below the one with the embed_url (field_36_8) are not being populated despite the query vars being populated in the address bar.

Thanks I’ll open a ticket.

I’ve had a similar issue. SO I just used jQuery to get around it.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {   

$( '#input_37_35' ).on('change', function (){
    var user_email  = $( '#input_37_35' ).val;
    $( '#input_37_36' ).val( user_email );


Something like that.

Did this ever get resolved? It seems to work only work when user is logged in?

I’m going to close this as it’s pretty old. If you have an issue @user5a8b2e95e2e990.0 Jeff, please open a support ticket or open a new topic here. Thanks

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