Can we have category or treeview in the drop down list?


is there a plugin or feature in gravityform to add categories in a dropdown list ? example :
category 1
—item1 of cat1
—item2 of cat1
category 2
—item3 of cat1
—item4 of cat1

or is there a way to have a “treeview” in a dropdown list ? you know , something like a folder/files organization to let user open/close a category and choose an item in the list ?
example :

  • folder case 1
    |… item1 of folder1
    |… item2 of folder1
    |… item3 of folder1
  • folder case 2

best regard

Hi Michael. Thank you for all your thoughtful questions!

There is currently no field that can present a folder view or tree view like that. We do have this on our list of requested features, but it’s not currently possible with any built-in feature.

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