Can submitted entries be amendable by customers

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we work in insurance and our quote forms have a large number of field questions. Once submitted we email customers a copy of the form they’ve completed, plus a PDF copy. At this point we get customers coming back to us on a daily basis wishing to change some of the details. Is there a way we can email them a link to the form where they can amend and re-submit?
I see that forms can be duplicated, the answers in the original forms can be transferred by using parameter names, then the page redirect would include query strings to complete the link-up, but the customer would then see the pre-completed duplicate form, not us, so can’t expect them to save and continue it for possible future reference, if needed.


Once the form is submitted, the Entry isn’t editable by default. You can create that kind of a solution with Gravity View by GravityKit:

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Gravity Flow would provide you with a strong set of features for this use case:

  • The PDF Generator extension lets you display as much (or as little) of the entry into a PDF to send as an attachment to notifications or store on the server.
  • The User Input step lets the assigned person (email address? wp user? wp role?) edit a specific number of fields on the entry. All step types have options to expire, so you could let them modify their response within 48 hours of submission and then it moves further into the workflow.
  • The Approval Step also provides a way for assignees to indicate that an entry is correct/ready for further action. Perhaps your staff need to review a submission? They can have a tailored set of fields to review or specify that the entry should ‘revert’ back to a user input step for more changes. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.