Can not update form settings - form title greyed out

Hi there!

I probably have a bug as I cannot make change in the settings of my forms.
I tried on a new form, no entries, same issue.
If I make a change and click on “Save Settings” the page reload and I get the message “There was an error while saving your settings.”
The Form title (which is always greyed out) doesn;'t have any title anymore and I have the mention “This field is required.”

On the left what I see before saving.
On the right what I see after saving.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

Sorry if this was asked before, I searched but couldn’t find somebody with a similar issue.



Hi Flo. Can you share your system report here?

If not, please open a support ticket:

Thank you.

Hi Chris, thank you for responding. I’m not sure how to share this report with you.
I can not make a response with several urls so copy/paste is not possible.
I can not attached a pdf.
I can not attached more than 1 photo.

Please use something like, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc to store the system report, then share the single link here. Thank you.

Of course! Sorry, I should have figured this out.
I sent you a private message with a pastebin link.

I took a look at the System Report. I don’t see anything extremely out of date or missing from your PHP configuration. My guess is what there is a conflict with another plugin on your site.

The first thing you can do is Enable No Conflict mode on the Forms → Settings page. Clear any cache after doing that, then see if you can edit the form settings.

If not, please check for theme and plugin conflicts using these steps:

Thank you.

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