Can I submit forms from a third party (Instapage) to Gravity Forms?

My company has a series of landing pages that are currently in WordPress. The marketing team wants to put them into Instapage instead, so that they’re not coming to the dev team for help in updating them. We want to continue to keep all form submissions in Gravity Forms, though… and Instapage won’t work with all of the CRMs we use, anyway.

So, a potential solution is to just keep using GF for the forms, but put them into Instapage. Either we embed GF into Instapage in some way, or we submit the Instapage forms to GF on the website. Is this possible? I understand that Zapier may be an option, but we’re hoping to avoid using yet another service.

Also, on a related note, how does Gravity Forms prevent 3rd parties from submitting to its endpoint? I ask because I felt strongly that GF would have ways to prevent that from happening for both spam and security reasons, and one of my coworkers believes that it would be easy to spoof or otherwise fool GF into accepting 3rd party submissions.

Thanks for any advice!

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