Can I make a list of signatures to be viewed?

Before buying I would like to know if it is possible to make a list of subscriptions. When the visitor completes and clicks on sending his name, he appears on the page, in a list of signatures. Of course, it will select a check box allowing the visualization or not. It’s like a petition.

Hi Bruno. It sounds like you want to show the names of all people who submitted a form, somewhere on your site? If that is correct we can point you to a couple possible approaches.

Hi Chris.


Thanks Bruno. One approach is to use GravityView for this:

That may be overkill for a list of names of people who submitted an entry. I wrote up a snippet a few year ago (7 now!) what allows you to use a shortcode to display a list of names of people who submitted an entry. That code can be found here:

The general approach would be the same, but the actual functions would be different (we have API functions now, so you no longer need to use RGFormsModel::get_leads, you can use `GFAPI::get_entries with additional filters as documented here).

To answer your initial question: yes, it is possible to show a list of names of people who submitted a form. It will take a plugin or a small amount of PHP code using the Gravity Forms API functions. Let us know if you need more assistance.