Calculation to figure out LOWEST score on Assessment

I am working on an assessment form. We have a form created with 5 sections. As people fill out the form we have Calculated Fields that total their score for each section.

At the end of the form we have all scores showing and then the total assessment score.

What we need to happen now is a way to figure out the “lowest” score from all these and then populate the answer into another field that we can transmit back to ActiveCampaign. So in the case of the image above, we need a way to show that Financial Resilience Score was the lowest and have that populate into a “hidden” field that we can integrate with ActiveCampaign.

Any help would be appreciated. If we need a few hidden calculation fields, that is fine too, but I am stuck and not sure how to make this happen.

If I understand your use case correctly, the above would require a way to compare the scores, and comparing field values is not a Gravity Forms feature. I’m not aware of any third-party add-on for it either.

So I think your best bet would be to use the gform_confirmation filter, which allows you to run your own custom PHP code to compare the field values, and craft custom content for the confirmation dynamically.

Thank you for the response.

Based on gform_confirmation filter I am not knowledgeable with PHP. Is there someone that can help me with the code?

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