Bug | Twilio Add-On Logo

Good Day!

Recently, we installed Gravity Forms’ add-on, Twilio.

The Twilio logo displays at the main Settings level, but does not display at the form Settings level as noted below.

Twilio Logo Displays:


Twilio Logo Does Not Display:


We’re not coders nor developers, but noticed this add-on uses an SVG code instead of an icon for the logo. Upon inspection, it appears the SVG code is no longer valid, deprecated, or superseded by another one.

If anyone knows how to fix this, please let us know. Also, would be great to notify GF Support of this bug.

Thank you,


Hi Jonathan. You can report the issue here and we’ll send it right to the product development team:

Hi Chris,

As always, thank you so much for your help.

We submitted the bug report via Gravity Forms Contact Us (Topic: Other) and referred them to this forum topic for details.

Our GF license (Elite) was provided by a web developer that manages many sites (including ours to some extent) so, to save time, we’re submitting the bug directly rather than asking our web developer to do it for us.

You’re welcome to forward this forum topic (bug) to your Dev Team. It affects the Twilio Add-On, not just us.

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend.

Thank you!

Hi Jonathan. I saw the ticket. I’ll make sure an issue is created. Thank you.

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