Bug in mapping fields to HubSpot


We have a huge form built by gravity forms for a customer that we have mapped to HubSpot with the official HubSpot Add-on.
After setting the form up and mapping all fields, HubSpot will create a new form by setting up the WordPress to HubSpot API.

When looking at the form inside HubSpot, it looks something goes wrong within creating the form in HubSpot.

HubSpot support is telling us it’s a problem from the HubSpot add-on. So my question is, does somebody has this problem? How can this be solved?

I wonder if you have some special characters in your field names/labels that are causing issues. Like apostrophes and other special characters?

You could try removing fields from the mapping and resubmitting till it works. Then see what field is causing the problem and go from there.

It could also be ab issue with submitted values. Again maybe some of your values have special characters and are being mapped into fields where this causes problems.

Hope that’s helpful to get you moving forward.

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I’ve never seen that one before, so I recommend opening a support ticket for the issue:


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