Book personalization process for woocommerce

Hello GF community :slight_smile:

I would like to know, can i create a multistep product customizer for a book?


  1. Choose gender
  2. Choose hair type, eye color, hair color
  3. Glasses, yes no
  4. Additional message (to write our own, or to choose from a few predefined)
  5. Image upload
  6. Name of the person
  7. Send email with these info

Additional: is there a way for customers to see that book and click to go through the pages, where they can see the name they entered.


Hi Tom,

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in integration for WooCommerce. So you would need to stick to any of the third-party add-ons available or hire someone to work with you on a custom solution. There are few third-party add-ons to customize products using embedded Gravity Forms that maybe could help:

I would recommend you to reach the authors to see if any of them could fit your needs.

I’m not aware of any ready to use solution to achieve the additional requirement.

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