Bizarre issue that only seems to affect one user - wrong confirmation and entry not saving

I have a client site on which we have several forms where registered members can submit purchase orders. I’m having a really weird issue on these order forms, but it only seems to affect one person, and the forms work fine for everyone else. So what happens when this particular user tries to submit one of the purchase order forms is that he gets the default confirmation message, and not the one that is actually set in the form, and his entry doesn’t go into the database. I’ve logged in as this user and done a test submission, and I haven’t been able to replicate.

I’m just looking for ideas on what might be causing this. I know he uses Chrome on a Windows PC, but since this only seems to affect him, I’m wondering if there is something weird with his setup. I tried doing a test with javascript blocked, and that one went through. If any one has any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

If you’ve set a long browser cache say a year. It’s possible his browser is using old assets. This is only a guess.

But ask him to clear his browser cache, then open a private incognito window preferably with a different browser and then try revisiting the site.

This site is only a few months old, but I’ll pass that on and see if it helps.


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I have a client with 2 users that have the same periodic issue. One user is on Windows 10 with Firefox and sometimes a form using will not process and the default confirmation shows instead of the correct custom one we entered. Everything on the site is updated to current version.

@clickandcreate, are you by any chance using And if so, any customizations in the code or just the normal setup?

The form was for purchase orders, so it wasn’t processing any payments online. The form I had is no longer being used, but we had a function hooked on the email notifications to customize the email that was sent to the user filling out the form. We had that on all of the order forms, but there only seemed to be an issue on one.

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