Beginner: Can this be done in Gravity Forms?

Hi all! Brand new go GF, I have a Basic License.
I’ve been attempting to build a form like this one here

However I’m beginning to wonder if there are additional or custom plugins to get the buttons/images to input and advance to the next field. Any help/suggestions/links would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Rachel. By default, Gravity Forms won’t look or work like that. That is a fairly customized application. You could have something close to that with a couple add-ons.

You can use a multi-page form in Gravity Forms

To get the form to advance automatically, you could use this plugin to advance after a selection is made in a field:

To use images in the place of radio button choices, this plugin makes that easy:

(you can also use your own HTML and CSS to replace radio buttons with your own images or your own custom styles, and in that case you would not use the JetSloth plugin.)

There is an autocomplete field that populates the city when a ZIP is provided. You could use a plugin like this one for that:

(or you could use custom code to pull in the city from some data source based on the ZIP entered)

I did see slider fields in the form (for the mortgage and property value, down payment, cash out, interest rate, etc.) There are a couple different plugins which could be used to meet that need:


With all those pieces together you should be able to create something like that. If you have any other questions, please let us know. I’ll leave this topic open for discussion.

WOW! Chris, thank you so much for taking the time to write this. This is tremendously helpful!!!

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Best of luck. Let us know how it’s going!