Back end, Entries

I plan for all users to find form entries by searching.
entries are searched by code number/unique id.
only the result found should be displayed.

it worked up to 1 entry with this code
how can i make entries to be displayed with search

add_filter( ‘gform_entry_page_size’, ‘my_entry_page_size’ );
function my_entry_page_size() {
return 1;

thank you

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean, if you’re using a field value that is unique you don’t need to use any code to display that entry in the back-end when you search for it in the Entries list page.

If your goal is to display entries to users in the front-end, that’s not a Gravity Forms feature, you would need something like Gravity View:

I need to use another script and I can’t reach it on the frontend.

+gravityforms, entries+
all i want is that what is entries in the backend is hidden until called.

thank you for your help

Do you have any solution suggestions?

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