Automatically Edit List Choices Based on Previous List Choice [RESOLVED]

I am writing a form for retreat registration and they want each person to choose a preferred lodging option and a secondary lodging option.

Essentially I want to have two lists.

List 1 is all of the housing options
List 2 is all of the housing options minus the one selected in List 1

How would I go about doing this?


This has been asked before and I don’t have a good solution for it. Maybe someone from the community has tackled this before and has an approach to share.

Thanks, Chris.

Was hoping I wasn’t missing something obvious. Curious to see if anyone else has tackled this before.


You could just use the actual chain select field. In the .csv file, after each Option the followup would be all the options that weren’t selected. Wouldn’t be too difficult if you knew all the options ahead of time.

Otherwise it’s doable, but would require a bit of customized coding. If you don’t feel comfortable with coding Ajax and PHP, I wouldn’t attempt it.


This is exactly what I need! Appreciate the response!

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