List Field on.Change

Hey there!
So, my nifty chain select thing is coming along, but I’ve hit a snag. Kinda Complicated, so bare with me… You can go to the following website to see what I mean:

Currently, when I select an option in column 3:

It populates my code fine and inserts everything it needs to function:

HOWEVER, for some strange reason, when I then go to select the populated column:

In the above picture you will see that the Select Options are all still there, but the <li></li> items have been removed. This is most likely from some Auto Updating from the List Select’s User Interface/Search.

I’d really like to keep the UI search, but it seems to be interfering… Now I know that the “Drop Down Options in List Fields” is an outside plugin produced by Adrian Gordon, and I’ve reached out to him to see if he has a work around, but I figure I’d bounce it off you all too. Soooo, any thoughts?

YES! I got a List Field to act like a chain select! That was some long hours and a lot of curse words. It works fairly well, though a little sluggish. The live version will get a lot of tweeking. If you want to checkout my test version, I’ll leave it up for a little while:

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Thank you for sharing that!

Blocking the link so I can use it for testing other things. If anyone needs help with something like this, feel free to contact me directly.