Auto Print a Gravity Form Submission

I’m looking for an add-on/extension that will allow us to send a completed form automatically to the printer. I’ve seen some older ones that use Google Cloud Print, but GCP has been depreciated as of January 2021.

Is there anything out there anyone is aware of? I’m already using Print Node with WooCommerce, but I don’t see anything related to Gravity Forms.

Some printers have an email address. Is that an option for this project?

@chrishajer That is a good thought, but not an option for these folks. They are just running a standard Brother MF unit. It’s a small flower shop.

Here’s a possible direction to explore:

  1. Send the output of the form entry to a view that has the layout that you want. GravityView would be one of doing this.
  2. Insert into that page a short snippet of JavaScript that is called when the page loads. I think the code would need to say:

To add that code you would probably need to create a custom page template in WordPress that you would just use for that page. But this all would just bring up a prompt to print the file, it would not automatically actually send the file to the printer.

The problem you are up against is a the code that runs a website is either server-side code, meaning code (such as PHP) that runs on the web server, or client-side code (like JavaScript) that runs within the web browser. Server-side code cannot access the printer. Client-side code is limited to what the web browser will allow and I think in general a web-browser will not allow a website to automatically print something.

But if you could create a suitable print layout and have it open in the browser with a prompt to print it, that could at least greatly reduce the amount of work the user has to do.

And it’s certainly possible that the are solutions that I am not aware of.

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