Astericks still showing but the field is not neeed anymore

Hi, I changed the settings for specific adress fields and some other fields in a form. Before the input in this fields was needed now not anymore.

Problem is now: it works, the specifi field is not anymore needed to send the form. BUT the astericks is still shown next to this fields. Is this a bug?

Thank you!

Have you cleared your browser cache and the caches for any caching plugins or services the site could be using? If not, a cached version of the page with the old form could still be displayed.

Hi thx for your reply. yes sure, cache is deleted and it is tested on many other pcs and mobiles and still the astericks are visible even the fields are not needed. I have tested this. Sems like a bug to me.

Hi Kai. If you believe you have found a bug, please open a support ticket so we can address it. Thank you.