Arrival & departure date fields

I want to create a form for reservations… there needs to be 2 date fields (arrival & departure).
I’d like to hide the field names and show the titles in the ‘placeholder’, which is easy to do.
Now ,I want to have the departure date selection be +2 days from the date entered in the arrival date field.
To understand what I am trying to accomplish you can look at Airbnb, or any booking site where you will see the user can choose an arrival date, and then when they go to select a departure date it is n+ days or at least the calendar/date picker defaults to the “arrival date” so they don’t have to scroll from “today” which could possibly be 6 months from the arrival date in both fields.
A working example can also be seen here:

Thank you!

Hi Rob!

I would strongly encourage you NOT to hide the field names and only show titles in the placeholder, as this would be a huge accessibility issue. Especially in hospitality and event niches, this might expose the site owner to liability under the ADA – they could be sued.

I think you’ll find a snippet that you might be able to adapt in this post: How to Populate and Modify Dates and Times with Gravity Forms - Gravity Wiz. Look for “Populate Date One Year from User-specified Date”.

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