Approval before notifcation

I am creating a questionnaire that users fill out, but then I need someone to login and view the report using GravityView and view entries and approve them. Once approved I need notifications to be sent out to the user. Is there a way to do that through GravityVIew?


I would recommend you to reach GravityView support for any questions about it: GravityKit Support: Contact Our Expert Support Team - GravityKit

There’s also another third-party add-on which may help with approvals:

Gravity Flow’s Approval Step gives you the settings to define notifications upon approval, rejection including via one-click approval links in an email to the assigned staff. If you also setup a User Input step, you can also include a revert scenario (think change answers on the questionnaire).

If you already have GravityView and prefer it over an inbox block/shortcode - check out our integration doc for GravityView that covers how you can leverage Gravity Flow’s steps, statuses and other linkable data within the View design.


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