Any experts here that can confirm this will work

I am trying to create a registration and attendee management solution for an event that is happening in 3 weeks time. My client is expecting this in two weeks.

Their event is being held over 3 days.

They want people to buy a Main Ticket for the event and also there are some optional paid extras that some people will purchase, and most people will also need to book tickets for a number of free sessions within the 3 day event.

For some people they might have as many as 5 paid tickets and 8-10 free tickets they need to have.

I’ve tried Fluent Forms and their booking form won’t list items that have no cost so we can’t make a form that includes the free sessions (these need to be booked because of limited seating).

Fluent Forms also doesn’t do any kind of Ticket or QR code handling.

There is a Gravity Perk that does QR codes and check-ins. Does anyone know if it’s possible to have a form with lets say 10 individual sessions each one requiring a check-in. Could I create a single QR code that is ‘linked’ to a number of different sessions and allows check in to any session that the person opted for?

Thanks for any advice!

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