An analytic tool that would allow to identify abandon points?

Hi there,

I have long forms, and I am looking to analyse where in the forms would users leave or abandon.

Any tip anyone ?

Thanks in advanced :).

You could use Partial Entries to see how far they get.

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There is nothing (other than the Partial Entries add-on as noted above) that will capture this in Gravity Forms. Maybe this plugin with Google Analytics can help?

Thanks, but this one seems to be for events only, for exemple “which page will produce more contact from forms”. Can be usefull of course.

Thanks, this one comes with Elite licence, I wish it was a separate add on since I have upgrade to Elite Licence just to get it…

What you need it Hotjar Form Analysis

I’ve already used it with GF and it works. Can’t remember if I had to make some small code change to have it work perfectly.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look.