Allow Negative Total Quiz Score Results

Scratching my head as to why the quiz add on does not allow negative total results from weighted scores yet I am able to input negative weighted score values for quiz answers. I really need the total score to be allowed to go below zero. Any ideas?


Hi Zach. That’s a good question. I could not find any reference to that being asked previously. If you would like to suggest that for inclusion in the future, I recommend adding that to our product roadmap. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.

This maybe possible by using a calculation field if you can insert the quiz merge tags and add plus or minus signs. Then you could just use this field for results. Here are some other ideas off the top of my head. Using the calculation field though would make this much easier.

If you are publicly sharing the results and all of your quiz results are negative you can look up the quiz result ID in google developer tools then add the psuedo-element before in CSS.

/* Adds a - minus sign before the score */
score::before {
content: "-";

I would need additional information from you to help more. How are you displaying the results? Gravity view, admin entries, email notifications, etc.?

If gravityview it would be easier to render because you can show or hide data with the gv logic shortcodes they provide. If with gravity view we could create logic which lets you create your own scoring model. If they answer this then they get 20%, if they answer this incorrectly they get -20% etc. So you could essentially create your own model.

Just let me know.

Thanks for the response!

So I am displaying the individual results to the user on a confirmation page via a query string, as well as in a confirmation email.

I also have conditional logic on the confirmation page which conditionally shows 3 possible text widgets depending on the results.

So I need to be able to pass an accurate total quiz score via a query string…

The possible quiz scores range from -15 to 35 (there is significance to this range according to my client, but I am not a doctor like her so I don’t quite understand why).

I don’t see how I could use a calculation field because the quiz answers are not number values but each answer is weighted with a score. So I need to be able to calculate the weighted scores of each answer but the available merge tags for a calculation field don’t seem to allow this.

Sounds to me like you need to get the scores into a number field. If you check out Gravity Wiz live merge tag Plugin, you might be able to copy your quiz questions individually into multiple numbers fields and then into the calculation field. Then you can simply add your equation to generate the score.

However, the caveat here is making sure Gravity Wiz live merge tag plugin works with the quiz add on, and also that you can get each questions answer. I do know that for example an address field can be copied into another field by using merge tags which break down the address into single fields. For example if the quiz has a field ID 2. The first questions merge tag might be 2:1, and the second questions merge tag 2:2. So you would add each merge tag into multiple number fields which can then be used in a calculation field.

To make sure this approach will work you should reach out to Gravity Wiz and make sure they support the quiz add on. Also if you can copy individual questions from your quiz and not the entire quiz in to another field such as a number field.

There are other options as I mentioned before such as Gravity View but it sounds like your client might not have these.

Hmm, thanks for the suggestion. Though this seems like too much of a hack/work around for this client. I cannot rely on multiple plugins and add ons that may not be compatible. We’re expecting a ton of traffic to this quiz so we need it to be as sound as possible.

Really boggles the mind that negative scores are rounded to 0 in the quiz add on. What is the logic behind that?

It absolutely is a workaround. I suppose the logic is that most quizzes aren’t scored with negative grades.