Ajax error occurs while adding field [RESOLVED]

Hi Community,
I’m not able to add any additional fields to my existing form. I get the “Ajax error…” notice when attempting to do so.
I also see a notification that says, “This form has legacy markup enabled, which may prevent some new features from functioning”.
Would disabling the legacy markup solve the problem?
If so, how does one disable it?

I’d appreciate it if someone would kindly point out a way to deal with the issue above so that I can add new fields to my existing form or create a new form without the legacy markup.


Legacy markup can be disabled for a form by toggling the setting at Form → Settings → Form Options → Enable legacy markup. However, I don’t expect that will resolve the save form issue you have. More than likely that is caused by some conflict from another plugin or the active theme on the site.


Thank you Joshua for responding with the tips. You’re right that disabling the legacy markup did not help and that the problem was with the plugins. Interestingly the plugins that I deactivated were some Gravity Form add-ons such as the Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On and Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor Add-On. I’m able to add fields on my form and save it now.
Once again many thanks.

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