Advanced Conditional Logic - Two Separate Checkbox Fields to Show/Hide Multiple Fields

Hello All!

I created a multiple page registration form for the Boys and Girls Club and it is working out great. They asked to be able to apply a waitlist to the form to where if a customer picks a location that is at full capacity then it shows a message saying “Sorry your location is at full capacity, please continue the form to be put on a waitlist”. I have some product fields, discount fields and a credit card field at the end that adds products depending on what they select. If the location they choose in on a waitlist then they would like it to disable products and payment so they can still submit the form.

I would like their team to be able to checkmark which places are at full capacity easily.

I got stumped since conditionally we can’t have groups of fields with an “and” condition which would have worked.

I was thinking on having an Admin field with checkmark boxes that say each location and name it “Location is at Capacity”. Then if a customer chooses a location and the capacity checkmark is also checked (using a separate field) then it would show the HTML message and hide the checkout page.

That is my logic but I do not know the best way to present this that would be easy for them to checkmark the locations at capacity as well as show the html field AND hide the product page and allow them to submit the form. Maybe there is a better way or even have it divided up and sent through as a different form, not sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this project! :grinning:

You actually can do what you are needing. You can group a set of fields into a group by adding a page break field to your form. Then set up page conditional logic on the page break field. All of the fields you have underneath and inside your page break fields will hide or show based on the logic you set up. In your case, whether or not a specific Boy or Girls Club is at maximum compacity or not.

Here’s an article on Page Break fields:

To set up page conditional logic, you will need to click on the page field itself after you have added it to your form. This will open up the settings menu flyout that will display your page conditional logic section.

I do have page breaks already set up for the multi page form and I plan on hiding the “payment page” but my main issue isn’t the conditional logic for that part my issue is I have one drop down field that the user selects a location and then I have an admin checkbox field setup that admins can check a box one which location is at capacity.

Basically I want to hide the payment page if the user selectable location is “Location A” and the Admin field for Capacity is also “Location A”. If they choose Location A and that isn’t selected in Admin then the payment page is shown. Basically it looks for the user location first and then if the admin location is also selected at capacity then hid the payment page.

That is my issue because you can only use Any/Or and not AND as well as groups of logic.

This article might help you.

Personally, though I would simply add the ALL conditional logic to check if the admin field is checked or not to show or hide the fields in the page break fields.

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