Adding Admin Attribute to Field [RESOLVED]

Curious if there is a way to add an attribute to a field that I can hook into for admin sorting purposes.

The project I’m working on allows clients to come to a website and select ingredients from a GF form. I’d like to be able to sort those ingredients by type (ie. protein, veggies, etc). I’m envisioning that during the form creation process, I’d manually enter a value for (ie. protein, veggie, etc).

I’m at a loss for where to even start.

There are a number of ways you could go about doing this.

As far as the user experience you could start with a drop down field and they can choose their overall interest. Veggies, protein, etc.

From there you could show a multi select field via conditional logic so people could then choose as to what all ingredients they want to choose from.

As far as hooking in them into an attribute, could you clarify?

Thanks for the quick response Dere.

From my end, I’ve been creating a form like follows using checkboxes.

o chicken
o bell pepper
o salt
o broccoli

The user comes to the form and selects which ingredients she needs for the recipe.

I then export that data as a CSV to know which ingredients I need to pick up from the grocery store.

Is there a way to attach an admin provided value to each item in the form that can then be exported in the CSV? It wouldn’t need to print on the page, only for the admin to engage with.

o chicken (protein)
o bell pepper (produce)
o salt (pantry)
o broccoli (produce)

Then when I export the CSV, I can start to get a sense of trends or how to prioritize shopping trips.

Thanks again for your reply.

So if you open up your form, then click a field. You should see a little box that says show values. If you check this box, a new set of fields should appear on the right side of your choices, chicken, bell pepper, salt, etc. They appear on the right side of the choices, you can enter which ever values you need. When someone submits a form you can see the values.

Hope that helps!

I think this will work. I feel like I was thinking this would be much more complicated when the answer was right under my nose.

Thank you!

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