Adding to a checkbox option in the Form in the middle of the options without erasing old data

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to update a form. One of the questions is a checkbox option and the options are listed n alphabetical order. For example:
What is your favorite color:
I want to now add Purple which would go between Blue and Red.
When I add it to the form all is ok.
However, when I need to go back into someone’s already submitted form and make edits, if they chose Red or Yellow it is now erased and I have no record of what they chose.

I will continuously need to edit previous form submission and our forms will consistently change. Is there a way I can update the form and when I edit a previous submission it won’t dissapear?


Hi Katie. To avoid changing how existing data is displayed in the entries, I would avoid editing the original fields, and add a new field instead, with all the original options, plus your new option. Then you can make the original field “administrative” visibility on the Advanced tab, and ensure that is not a required field. You will now have multiple fields in your entries for “Favorite color”: the original one for entries created before you edited the form, and the new “Favorite color” field for any entries going forward.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Chris -
That is a great idea! Now the question is - which is more of a Gravity View question…but I’ll ask anyways in case you know.

Is there a way to have a search bar then search the two different “fields”. So if I want to search on everyone whose favorite color is blue - can the the search bar search both the new and old fields?

Hi Katie. You will need to check with support for GravityView on that one. Thank you.

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Hi @user615a5ea9411ad296, Chris is right about the best way to do this. But if you want to modify existing Gravity Forms fields without messing up existing submissions, add the new checkboxes to the bottom of the field choices instead of in the middle. That should work.

Regarding GravityView, yes, you can add both fields, but it’d be simpler to have one field…please reach out to and they’ll help you modify the visibility of the admin-only field.

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