Adding additional rows to name field

Good afternoon,

Would be good, if that is possible, then could give customers the choice to select the relevant title (Mr, Mrs, Miss etc) from dropdown list.

Please could I have advice on how to alter this field?


Hi Steve. The name field name ‘prefix’ is usually a dropdown by default:

The prefix choices can be edited in the field settings:

If you don’t have the dropdown option for a name field prefix, be sure you are using the latest Gravity Forms version, v2.6.3 or v.2.6.4 (the very latest is v2.6.4.1), and if the option does not appear for you, please open a support ticket. Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Thanks and I do have the prefix choices available under the name field, which is why I’d like to add additional rows for additional persons under the address field. If you use the dropdown field instead of name field you haven’t got the option to offer prefix options, but you do have additional rows.

If there’s a way to add additional rows under the name field, would welcome some assistance please, taking into account very much have my L-plates on.


I see. I don’t know of a method to do that, but I will leave this open in the event someone else has an idea. Thank you

Thanks for your time Chris. Hopefully someone may have a suggestion.

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