Add standard value for 10+ forms with 1 Merger tag or dynamic field? [RESOLVED]

I need to add a standard value to several forms that is not user dependent (electric prices). I want to update it in several forms by just updating that {merge tag}.

Is that possible and how to achieve this?

Or should I use dynamic field?

Hi Keesjan. Having a global field that is updated which then updates in every form the field is used in is not a feature of Gravity Forms. I recommend using the same code to dynamically populate the fields in all the forms.

Hi Chris, thanks for your answer. I do not understand this hint. How to dynamically populate the field in all forms?

Hi Keesjan. Whatever code you are using the dynamically populate the fields will need to be applied to all fields, so they are updated in the same way every time. We don’t have the global field you were looking for, so dynamically populating a field (which was suggested in your question) is the best way to do this.

You may also want to look into Gravity Hopper. It may be able to check with them to see if their plugins can help with this:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thnaks Chris, I found this Hook solution the most usefull. I added the article of your docs here for other users who search for teh same solution.

  1. Add a few lines of code in the functions.php file of your (child) theme with your own parameter and value
    2 Use the ‘value_your_parameter’ from the field in the dynamic field (not the total name ‘gform_field_value_your_parameter’ (that is not clear form the article)