Add some text or title (html wysiwyg)


Let’s see, I’m new to Gravityforms, so maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I am creating a form.
Something very common is to add some text with some small tip or warning.
For example: “The following fields refer to your mother’s stuff, so be careful”.
Or simply add some titles in the middle of the form…
For example: “Personal data:” or “Data about your working life:”…

How to do this? with the “html” field?

I have tried the “html” field but it does not even have a basic wysiwyg editor (like this forum, for example). I mean, if I want to put a bold title, do I have to find an external html editor? and then copy and paste?

And also in the edit view the content is not shown, so you have to hit “preview” to see if what you have done in another application, and then pasted into GF, looks the way you want. And if seeing the preview, I realize that it would look better in red color, start all over again the whole process?

And all this just to bold or underline a simple text or a title?

It can’t be that the famous GravityForms, of which everybody speaks so well, doesn’t have an easy way to put some text in bold…

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, right? I’m fine with html… but if I have to tell my editorial team that they have to know html to make a form, I’ll be damned!

what is the right way?