Add a style to an admin page [RESOLVED]

How can I add a style to an element on the Gravity Forms entry edit page? I have registered and added a css file using admin_enqueue_scripts–the file shows up on every other plugin and wp core admin page, but does not show up on GF admin pages. Is GF removing it? If so, how can I add styling to the admin pages?

Do you have the No Conflict mode setting enabled in Forms > Settings? If so, you will want to disable it or use the following filter: gform_noconflict_styles - Gravity Forms Documentation

Samual, thanks so much! At one point, I’d turned No Conflict on because I was having a problem with the date field not honoring the default format. No Conflict resolved that issue, so I hadn’t wanted to turn it off. However, I had also had a javascript file calling noConflict() which I’ve since removed. Now when I set No Conflict off in GF, all seems to work fine… date field, and my custom CSS is showing up as well.