A question about Chained Selects

I want to enter in to my form a chained items
For example
1st item will be car manufacturers

  • if the visitor eill choose Mazda --> in the 2nd item he will see Mazda types (Mazda 3, Mazda 6 Etc…
  • if the visitor eill choose Other car manufacturer --> in the 2nd item he will see the other manufacturer car types

My question is:
Can I do it with hook filter: gform_chained_selects_input_choices?

So, in your setup, the first columns will be manufacturers, and the second column will be makes for that manufacturer. But if they select the Other manufacturer, you want column two to show … what?

If you say “the other manufacturers” I would say “why not put all the manufacturers in column one”?

Thank you, Chris for your reply
You can see here what I mean

I see how that form works. That is how our Chained Selects add-on works as well. Have you already looked at that?

If you don’t have a license that supports that, you can give that a try in a demo site:

Thank you Chris
Yes, I know about it, only that $159 (https://www.gravityforms.com/pricing/) might be too much for my small website…
So I thought I will do it by code, I am not a software developer but I enter code from time to time to my websites…
Anyway I will try it as you suggested