2 same date fields but with a different format

Hello there,

Here is the solution I would like to find out…

I would like to have 2 fields “Meeting date”…
the first would be filled by the user like this : jj/mm/aaaa
the second fields would be the exact same date but like this : aaaa/mm/jj

The first way is because I live in a country where jj/mm/aaaa is the way to communicate with dates.
The second way is the one I would like to use in the pdf name file. (I have a flow to donwload the files in specific repertories and date format is important).

That would be boring for the user to write twice the meeting date.
So, I’ve tried with the 2nd field with “default value” {meeting date:3}, with hidden field and administration field and with “fill field dynamicly” (French translation sorry;), with this parameter : {meeting date:3}.

But no success in any of these tries…

Any idea ?

Many thanks !


Hello ?
Nobody had to resolve this problem ?

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