Date format year, month, day

Hello. I’m not a dev but do love trying to work things out myself. I’d like to have a date field which pulls todays date in as year,month,day. I can’t see that this is an option at all. Any help would be appreciate.

For context I want this date format so I can pull that field into a pdf name with the pdf plugin for storing purposes.

If you literally want that format, with commas as separator, that’s not something the Date field would support. Only the date formats listed on the field settings are supported: Screenshot LAjB5Vy9jF.png - Droplr

But if you want to populate the field automatically, you don’t really need to use a Date field, you can use a Hidden field, configure dynamic population for it, and use the following filter to run your own code to get today’s date, format it to fit your needs, and return the value to the field: gform_field_value_$parameter_name - Gravity Forms Documentation

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