2.5 vertical row spacing

Hi, the new grid/column feature is interesting, but there seems to be no way to allow for vertical row spacing. For example, let’s say I wanted to put three fields (name, email, phone) on the left hand side of the page and an image that was the same height as those three fields on the right hand side. The resulting page is a mess, because the name and image fields would be on the first row. Then there would be a big space under the name field until we get to the scond row, where the email field would be displayed (with nothing on the right hand side), and the phone field on the third row (agian with nothing on the right hand side).

I use a plugin to do this now, but I’d rather use buit-in features if possible. Is there any way to fix this?

You can see a sample of what I’d like here (select regular domestic cleaning in the first drop down): Form Test - Regular Domestic Only - Cleaning Express

Does this help you with what you are trying to achieve?

Hi Chris, this looks great and I will give it a go later today. As the grod structure now uses DIVs do you think it’s possible to make the right-hand-side section sticky (i.e. it stays on the page as the user scrolls down)?

I have not seen anyone do that yet, but if you accomplish it, please let us know and share a URL where we can see that. Thank you.

Hi, I have been working on this problem and have a new issue. At the moment, using row spans it is possible to place one field on the, say, the right hand side and multiple fields on the left. But what If I want to use conditional logic to display different fields depending on the selection of a field on the right hand side? A simple example would be to show a different image on the right depending on a drop down on the left. But the drag-and-drop system doesn’t allow for multiple items in the same space on the grid

The grid also doesn’t allow blank spaces (a field cannot be placed on the right side if nothing is in the left hand colums of the row.

Any thoughts?

Hi Michael. I have not found a way to do that. However, I will leave this open in case anyone has anything they can add to the conversation.

This is also an issue for us. Once we disabled the Legacy Markup, we have a ton of spacing issues. This is because we have two columns, with one field on the right column and 6 on the left. We use conditional logic to display only one of those 6 fields on the left, however, if the very top field is not made visible by the conditional logic, then the item on the left and right are not aligned and there is awkward spacing because of this. Is there any way that I can get whatever field appears out of the 6 in the left column to float to the top so that it is aligned with the one field that is on the right?