Work Scheduling Gravity Forms System

We want to create a system that can display in a calendar view to schedule work for our Electrical Engineers. Send out email notifications to them when work is added. Have them login and the calendar also needs to show selective work in the calendar only to the relevant engineer and have them update it. Also work out repeating dates from that work . . . e.g. when a job is entered the calendar creates a new entry every 6 months for repeating services etc.

seems to offer this as a third party plugin for $99

and restrictive views with

GravityView Pro
seems to offer this as a third party plugin for $249

Or do I take the plunge for $499 ???

But then its a question of does one plugin work with another? I realise they are both from Gravity Kit and therefore should together. Having moved from Formidable forms to Gravity it just seems out of the Box, as we purchased an ElitePlan from gravity forms, there would be a Calendar view and a View by User, and there isnt.

as for the Gravity Kit people

Who are they . . . are they gravity forms with different hats selling functionality for Gravity forms ? I’m unsure where to invest my time and money for the functionality we need ? There are off the shelf systems like available, again I realise with costs for additional functionality. But there seems to be these Wordpress DIY systems like Formidable and Gravity forms that offer similar functionality . But having already wasted 12 months on Formidable and its restricted calendar options for mobile phones and no year views and month views etc. I am loathe to make the same mistake with Gravity (although the drag and drop features of the calendar view do look appealing)

I just don’t want to invest money and time in something . . . like gravityforms and gravity kits as a Wordpress DIY system . . for $257 and $499 a year which is no longer a cheap option. When there are a single platform ( and therefore more reliable) options out there !

I realise there will be a biast opinion in here but I thought Id ask anyway !

No, we’re different. GravityKit is a separate company from the company that makes Gravity Forms (that is Rocketgenius, the company I work for). I’ll leave this topic open so they can address your comments.

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Hello @user65eaf7151dfb8399 ,

All of that is possible with GravityCalendar and GravityView. However, you’ll need access to the Advanced Filter extension (included in GravityView Pro or All Access licenses) to display only events created by the currently logged-in user in your View. Also, so that you know, GravityCalendar has a drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to move an event in the calendar to change its dates. Every other modification needs to be done via a GravityView View.
Repeatable events are possible with this free add-on:

If you would like to implement this whole system before deciding to purchase our plugins, you can do so on our demo website:, where all plugins are installed for you to test.

Feel free to reach out in case you have more questions:

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