Wordpress Developer needed for Gravity forms integration with Tally.ERP9

Gravity forms is a popular wordpress plugin
and Tally ERP.9 is a very reputed desktop accounting software. Here is a link


I need data to be. passed into tally from submitted gravity form entries. The gravity form would for now have the following fields:

Date (date)
Customer Name (drop down)
Invoice Amount (number)
Sales Account Name (Drop down)
Narration (Paragraph text)
Reference Number (single Line Text)
Tally Company name

The above fields need to be mapped to the exact same fields in the Tally.ERP9 Software

So what is expected is a mapping device in the form of a wordpress plugin - which maps the fields of each form to the fields in tally erp.9 software. Once mapping is done then on every form submission the mapped field values get exported to Tally. Once exported the reference number as a result of the entry being posted in tally in populated in the form confirmation.

Please see these links where some work may have been done:


However I guess some bridge is needed for my requirement
Important is that the plugin developed should be lightweight and must not be incompatible with any of the other software of the site…viz gravity perks, gravity view, gravity flow etc. No deadline as of now-just that the coding has to be very clean
Also see