Where is the CSV import for Chained Selects stored?

Hi folks,

Title says it all. I need to recover the original file used to build a chained select. Where is it stored?

They are stored in the wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/ by form ID where the format of the folder name is formid-longstring1234567890123456789/tmp. Like this:

Form 403:

Then they are renamed with a random string, the input ID (aka the field ID) and the original filename. I uploaded a file new1.csv and it was used for field 2 of my form ID 403. Here is where the file is located on the server:


The fact that it’s in a tmp folder leads me to believe that will be cleaned up at some point, so check to see if your file is there.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply. The file is not in the /tmp/ folder so it appears your belief is correct and it was cleansed at some point.

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Hello, I have a .CSV file from April of 2021 that the form is still referencing and working fine, but by going to this directory you detailed above, that CSV file I’m looking for isn’t there. There is another temp folder from 2020 that is there though, but it’s not the file I’m looking for as it has old data. Is there another location that the current chained select CSV file could be?

Once the csv is uploaded and used to create the form field, the csv will be removed from the tmp folder. The form does not need the csv once it’s been imported the first time.

Ahh, ok. I was hoping for a miracle but that’s ok. Thank you for replying back Chris!