Webhooks and UTF-8 language


I have an issue with webhook addon and Georgian language.
When submitting form with webhook, all Georgian characters are being sent as: ტესტ-დრაივ, instead of ტესტ. Same is happening in the logs of the webhook.

I think the issue is with the encoding, but I couldn’t find how to switch it to UTF-8.
Does anyone know how to fix my issue?

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @innovateltd - on the Webhooks feed, can you set a custom “Request Header” for “Accept-Charset” and then for the value, scroll to the bottom of the fields, and select “Add Custom Value” so that you can type in UTF-8?

When I did that, it looked like this: firefox 6AaZ8zvqeP.png • Droplr

And then the webhook arrived, that header was present: firefox WQzusgcZXK.png • Droplr

Does that work for you?

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