Web api update form : The requested method PUT is not allowed for the URL /wp-json/gf/v2/forms/10

Trying to update a from in wordpress, created by gravity forms,

using basic auth (https://docs.gravityforms.com/rest-api-v2/#basic-authentication) , I can do GET but when I try to do PUT or DELETE I am getting this error

        <title>405 Method Not Allowed</title>
        <h1>Method Not Allowed</h1>
        <p>The requested method DELETE is not allowed for the URL /wp-json/gf/v2/forms/10.</p>

I can Also do post on https://docs.gravityforms.com/rest-api-v2/#post-forms-form-id-submissions

My Rest API token has read/write permission and have been created by the Admin user.

So what could be wrong with It?

I am using postman for testing.

And this is my code based on Zend Framework 3 :

    $request = new Request();
    $request->setUri($this->apiEndpoint . 'forms/' . $this->formId);
      'Authorization' => 'Basic ' . base64_encode($this->consumerKey . ':' . $this->consumerSecret),
      'Content-Type'  => 'application/json',
      "User-Agent"    => "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:67.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/67.0",
    $data = json_encode($this->form);   

    $client = new Client();
    $client->setOptions(['timeout' => 60000,]);
    $response = $client->send($request);
    $response = $response->getBody();

We have the exact same issue, did you managed to fix it?