Way to Pass Order Total and Entry ID in GMT Tag

I just signed up with Google Tag Manager and have implemented it on our website. The one thing I cannot figure out is how to pass the Form Total and Entry ID to GTM. For now, I’m using the below script to trigger on submission. But I’m not sure how I can also get the Order Total and the Entry ID to make its way to Google Tag Manager. Any help would be appreciated. Here is the trigger:

Both those items would be available in the $entry, so you could use the gform_confirmation filter to output the script, and could include those values from the entry:

Hi Chris, so to clarify, I’m currently using the “gform_confirmation_loaded” function. How do integrate the “gform_confirmation” filter so that I can get the Entry ID and Order Total? Can I just get this filter to send me ALL of the data on the entry? My script is below in the google docs link. I’m not sure how to “manipulate it.” Would really appreciate the guidance.

Hi Chris, don’t mean to be writing too much, but another “complication” that might throw a wrench into the equation is that we redirect users to a thank you page instead of just displaying a confirmation message. Instead of using using the code script that listens for submissions, would it be easier to use the plugin “Event Tracking For Gravity Forms?” Would that be able to send Entry ID and Order Total even if we redirect users to a thank you page?

Hi Mikhail. Yes, the Event Tracking plugin would be a better choice. I am not sure about the entry ID and order total, but you could install it (it’s free) and take a look.