Warning and inop under PHP 8.x.x

#1: GF Does not function under PHP 8.x.x, only 7.x.x (“outdated”)
#2: Warning of Vulnerable
#3: GF is the only form that works for this customer
#4: I JUST renewed the license.
#5: Does not get along with other plugins.

Hi Tim. If you need assistance, please open a support ticket here:

Thank you.

Gravity Forms is, for the most part, compatible with PHP 8.x.x version. See the following articles where our team is tracking compatibility…

Gravity Forms and PHP 8.0 Compatibility
Gravity Forms and PHP 8.1 Compatibility

As Chris just mentioned, if you open a ticket, we’ll look into the specific issue you’re encountering. If you’ve surfaced something new, we’ll work to get a patch out.

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