Validating Fields of a Form that was manipulated in the pre_render

Hi, I am close to finishing a feature for a client where fields of my form are randomly ordered and then separated into pages. With the help of Gravity Forms support, I now randomly sort the fields and save that order in a hidden field. This way I can rebuild the same order when using the “Save & Continue” functionality - we want a user to see the same order they had when accessing the form the first time.

In my (client’s) case, the randomly ordered fields are quite a lot (50+ - it’s part of a survey) and these need to be broken up into pages of 10 fields each. I was not able to add “page” fields to the form after the fact, so my approach is the following:

  1. Add all the necessary “page” fields to the form.
  2. Before ordering these fields, remove the “page” fields and save them in an array.
  3. After ordering the fields, add the “page” fields every 10 fields.

I have the above working but unfortunately the validation now isn’t playing ball. Because all my (randomly) ordered fields are mandatory, the validation fails when clicking on “Next”. I am assuming that this is because the fields of the first page are not all checked.

So we get to my question: How can I “reset” or “reapply” the validation after re-ordering fields and adding new pages?