Validate email entry to list

I’ll be sending out an email to a predetermined list with a link to a Gravity Form.

What I’d like to accomplish, is limit the ability to complete the form only to those that received the email. Basically I need to validate the email address being submitted to a list I’ve pre-populated. I looked into the paid plugin Gravity Perks for this but it appears they can only do it against registered WP users.


We have a snippet you can use to require users to enter an existing value before they can submit the form. This would work for your use case if you have the list of email addresses as entries in another form, and with the snippet, you can set up the form, to check if the email address entered by the user is a valid email in the other form’s entry. You can check out the documentation for the snippet and how to use it.

Thank you. This would work, however how do I easily generate the entries in the other form to validate against?

You can create a simple form with just the Email Address field and submit the email address as entries or you can enter the email addresses in a .csv file and import them as entries into Gravity Forms.


Gravity Flow assignees can be defined based on an email field and with the {workflow_entry_link} merge tag generating a secure token unique to the assignee you can be assured that only the person who receives the email would be able to complete the form or additional user input steps.

You could use the Gravity Forms CLI to bulk create the entries based on the email address and the workflow co-ordinate everything else from there.