Using multiple forms to send payments to different bank accounts under the same square account

I have multiple forms on my website all connected to a Square account. Within my Square account I have two business locations each with its own bank account.
I would like to configure the forms and send the payments to different bank accounts within the same Square account.
Opened a support ticket and they told me it is NOT possible.
Can someone help find a work around?
Currently square payments add-on (and stripe payments add-on - I looked into that too) can only be connected to one account and send money to one bank account within that account.


The add-on only supports one Square location.


Having different bank accounts in a single Stripe account is something that Stripe should allow you before any third-party software being able to support that.
As far as I know Stripe doesn’t allow it. You will want to check this with Stripe support.

What they support is having multiple Stripe accounts, and our add-on allows you to connect different Stripe accounts per feed.

Thank you. Will discuss with my webmaster.

I don’t know that this is 100% fit, but would having each business location be its’ own subsite in a multisite installation be an option that fits your use case?