Using another SMTP plugin to send email in notifications

I had been set two SMTP mail, now I want to set the ( save and continue ) to send save link by another SMTP mail, How to set the Merge Tags to use another email address?

Hi Kenny. The SMTP plugin will normally take over all mail for the website. That is separate from setting the email address for a notification.

With Save and Continue, the user provides their email address. Where are you trying to set the email address for the save link email?

please see the screen shot, I mean I want to set this column (From Email) then when the Save and Continue send the link to user , they can see the Email address real address that had been set to the SMTP plugin . Now the real address still show the website administrator address
thank you


You can set whatever FROM address you like in the “From Email” field of your Save and Continue email. You’ve already done that. But you are using Gmail as your SMTP server, which is why the email arrives “on behalf of” in the message. To get around that, you will need to use another SMTP server or one of our transactional email service add-ons:

The fact that the email address is visible in Gmail is not under Gravity Forms control, but is controlled by the SMTP service you use to deliver the message.

Thank you.

I had already set another SMTP server , but the save and continue function send email still show the gmail address as real address, If I want the real address show as(, what should I do?



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